SMART STAY Hotel Schweiz

Terms and Conditions Smart Stay Hotel Schweiz


Bookings for individual guests can be made online, over the phone, in writing, via e-mail, or by fax.
 Valid credit card information (incl. expiration date) is required for all bookings. Please note that the total amount for your stay has to be paid upon arrival, respectively upon departure. However, we will charge your credit card with the appropriate fees in case of cancellation or no-show. The information submitted online is legally binding and will be handled confidentially. Bookings for groups (5 people and more) can only be made in writing.

Please note, that visitors from guests can´t go up to the rooms because of security reasons. You are welcome to meet your visitors in our lobby. In violation of this rule, we are entitled at any time to cancel the accommodation contract without notice.

All our accommodation services are to be paid for completely upon arrival, respectively upon departure, either in cash or by EC, VISA, Euro/MasterCard, or American Express. Breakfast booked in addition has to be paid for in exchange for a token immediately.

For group bookings (5 people and more) and bookings exceeding € 300.00, a down-payment of 50% of the sum has to be transferred to our bank account. Down-payments have to be in our account at the latest two weeks after receiving the booking confirmation, for bookings on short notice at the latest two weeks before arrival. Possible transfer fees are to be paid for by the depositor.
We will only reserve that amount for credit card transactions as guarantee beforehand. For Oktoberfest bookings or bookings for other big events in Munich, we will charge your credit card with 50% of the total amount immediately. This payment is not refundable!


The regulations concerning cancellations of bookings for individual guest are based on the legal statutes. Online bookings can be revoked in writing within 24 hours – this does not apply for Oktoberfest bookings or bookings for other big events in Munich.

Groups are obliged to report the final number of participants to Smart Stay Hotel Schweiz at the lasted 1 week before arrival. Up to 10% of the initial number of guests may be canceled gratis up to 1 week before arrival. Furthermore, the following cancellation fees apply:

  • Cancellations up to 3 months before arrival: € 50.00 handling fee
  • Cancellations less than 3 months before arrival: 25% of the total amount
  • Cancellations less than 1 month before arrival: 50% of the total amount
  • Cancellations less than 7 days before arrival: 90% of the total amount

Free cancellations are not possible for Oktoberfest bookings or bookings for other big events in Munich. In case of customer cancellations (respectively no-shows) on short notice, the sum of the stay has to be paid; saved expenditures as well as proceeds from rooms that are rented to a third party will not be taken into account!
Justified cancellations on the part of Smart Stay Hotel Schweiz have to be made in writing and at the latest 2 weeks before the day of arrival. Fair Trades for 2018

Youth Groups / Groups In General
Individual minors as well as groups of minors (under 18) can only be accepted if accompanied by at least one chaperone of age. Chaperones have to either stay at the hotel as well or may hand in a signed permission slip and a photocopy of their passport in person. 
Please be aware that we cannot accept groups of more than 10 people due to space restrictions. Should it turn out upon arrival that this rule was violated by a larger group making individual bookings, we have the right to (and probably will) resign from the guest contract!

House Rules

The House Rules are a component of the general business conditions. If the rules are violated, Smart Stay Hotel Schweiz has the right to cancel the guest contract without prior notice. For services not rendered, cancellation fees according to the cancellation regulations above will be charged.

Read house rules

Liability / Deposit
Anyone causing damage to the building or inventory is liable for the costs (especially chaperones or promoters). Theft or intentional damage of property will be reported to the police immediately.
 Room inspection by our staff is normal procedure for group departures. Compensation will be charged for damaged property or lost key cards and has to be paid before departure. Smart Stay Hotel Schweiz reserves the right to ask for a security deposit (€ 50.00 per person) from single guests, especially from groups and walk-ins. On request, the deposit has to be paid in cash. It will be refunded on departure, possible compensation payments will be deducted. Smart Stay Hotel Schweiz will be held liable for damages suffered by guests only if gross negligence can be proven. Smart Stay Hotel Schweiz is neither liable for luggage stored in the lobby or basement nor for vehicles and bicycles parked on the premises.

Final provisions

The invalidity of single parts of the above terms and conditions does not affect the remaining sections.